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  • How quick does it dry?

    All screeds take a mm a day to dry in the right conditions, so the secret is too lay the floor thinly and always keep an eye on the depths as your project moves forward.
  • Can I tile straight on to the screed?

    Yes its very simple, follow the following easy steps A Ensure the floor is dry, remember if you have UFH then with our screed you can if ready turn on the heating 5 days after your floor is laid,contact us for further details. B Brush the floor with a stiff brush C Hoover the floor D Prime with an Acrylic Priming & Bonding Agent available at all good builders merchants close to you. E Tile or stick to the floor.
  • Is it Anhydrate?

    No it is not. It is Alpha Hemi Hydrate a very important difference being that you do not have to sand the screed before you tile etc, most people think that they are the same but here in the south we are one of a very few companies that are allowed to use this top quality German hardening powder. We have used this since we started and are not going to change because the quality is the most important thing and our favourite saying is QUALITY doesn't Cost it Pays.
  • How thick is the screed?

    Please ask for advise on your site visit, but most screed is layed between 45-75mm
  • When should i screed?

    As soon as the building is weathertight, the flowing screed can be laid, the top of the screed is much harder than traditional screed and you can traffic the building generally after 24 hours.
  • What is a flowed screed?

    A flowing screed is selected sharp sand aggregate mixed with Alpha Hemi Hydrate binder and water.
  • Can flowing screeds be used with under floor heating?

    Flowing screeds are ideal for application over both electric and water under floor heating systems because of the flowable consistency that fully encompasses the heating pipes. Flowing screeds have excellent thermal conductivity and minimal thermal expansion.
  • Will the vehicle be able to access my site?

    The ideal access is a level area but a site visit will allay or highlight any problems that might pop up
  • What do I need to do before the delivery arrives?

    Make sure that there is a safe hard standing area for the vehicle. Make sure that we have a water supply (we will bring a hose pipe with the vehicle). Provide us with an area to wash out the final residue once the delivery is complete.