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Phone or email enquiry and a no obligation site visit will take place.This will be where your requirements and various things can be discussed and a plan to move forward decided on.


Assuming you place an order with ourselves you would then proceed to clean the sub floor and lay the insulation, making sure it is all butted up tightly together where the boards meet.


Fit the expansion joint to all walls both internal and external i.e. 10mm proprietary foam with thin polythene pull out, or use a brick expansion foam, or if the building inspector is happy a celotex 12mm or sometimes 25mm up stand to prevent cold bridging.


Always lay a thin polythene membrane ( 500 gauge ) over the insulation to overlap the thin polythene which is attached to the expansion joint, or tape around to the edge joint. If unsure ask for guidance.


Check all areas are watertight especially around the bottom of the door frames.


Lay underfloor heating pipes and test.


Lay screed


Enjoy a top quality floor to go with your underfloor heating, transferring the heat much better than a traditionalscreed.